Hi there – I’m Brandy,

The founder of Mama Lee’s Elderberries. 

Mama Lee’s started when my firstborn came along a few years ago. As a health conscious mama, I felt it was my duty to build up her immune system as best as I possibly could. I knew the health benefits of elderberries and focused on creating a natural, organic recipe for elderberry syrup — something I could feel good about feeding my own child. 

Soon, the whole family began to reap the benefits of a strong immune system. To this day, our little one has never had a sick visit to the doctor!

With results like that, I knew we were on to something great. Mama Lee’s syrup, with every ingredient pure and organic, is a safe and delicious immune booster for all members of your family, from toddlers to husbands. 

Each batch is made fresh, slow simmering, and triple strained for perfection. I look forward to sharing this product with you and your family so we can all remain healthy in a safe and natural way!

With Love,


Brandy and her 2 kids

ELDERBERRY has been shown to:

Boost the immune system naturally, Improve digestion, Reduce blood sugar, Contain Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties, Act as a natural pain reliever, Give relief from allergies and Fight sinus infections, Be rich in essential vitamins and minerals [Vitamin A, C, and Potassium], Help fight cold and flu symptoms, and more.